Bold – It’s not just for fonts anymore

So I've spent a couple of years thinking about blogs. I read them everyday and I love them. I have friends who blog religiously (mostly about religion actually), but I've always held back for one simple reason. I'm a perfectionist. If I can't do it perfectly the first time I try, I give up.
Not anymore. I'm trying to use one word for 2013 as a theme. A bunch of people I read have done this, so I've spent some time thinking about my word. My word is bold. Bold. Bold enough to make mistakes. Bold enough to be wrong. Bold enough to try.
Do I know what it entails? Nope. Do I have a clue what this means? No. Does this bother me? Significantly. For too long, though, I've never even tried. Is time to try. And fail. And hopefully, grow.
I don't know what this blog will become, but right now I'm being bold and putting it and myself out there.
Welcome to my blog.



One thought on “Bold – It’s not just for fonts anymore

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