Do you do the Potty Dance?

If you have been in our world for the last few months, you know that Piper (our daughter) has struggled with potty training. Number 1 was no problem.  She would pee-pee like a champ!  Number 2?  Well, that was a different story.

Flattery, cajoling, threatening, bribery, punishment, guilt, and persuasion all failed. Many words and tears were spent (from Mommy and Daddy) trying to communicate the need and desire to make this happen.  Many words and tears were spent (from Piper) explaining that pooping was the reason God made pull-ups and who were we to question God?

But then, like in the biblical accounts of old, the heavens opened, the heavenly choir sang, and the answer presented itself…

The Potty Dance.

Piper suddenly decided pooping in the potty was acceptable if – and ONLY if – we could all do the Potty Dance in her room afterwards.  Sara asked, “what’s the potty dance?”  Piper looked at her with a serious face and answered, “It doesn’t matter.  You just dance.”

So dance we did.  Silently (to not wake up her napping brother) we danced the Potty Dance – 30-45 seconds of uninterrupted joy in the form of movement bouncing around Piper’s bright pink room.  As we stopped, Piper beamed up at us and said, “Good Potty Dance, Mommy and Daddy!”

I hope Piper never loses the joy I see in her potty dance.  I hope I never forget the fun of dancing with her in her bright pink room.  Long live the Potty Dance!